From Monterrey to Vancouver, BC

Semi-cooked, hand-crafted, traditional Monterrey-style flour tortillas made proudly in Vancouver, BC.

Welcome to Tortillas Los Güeros

Our pre-cooked flour tortillas are crafted with care and expertise to bring you the true flavor of Northern Mexico. Made with premium ingredients and traditional techniques, our tortillas are perfect for any occasion.

Our Story

Tortillas Los Güeros was founded with a passion for authentic Mexican cuisine. We use only the finest ingredients and traditional techniques to create our pre-cooked flour tortillas. Our tortillas are the perfect addition to any Mexican meal.

Customer Reviews


The tortillas from Tortillas Los Gueros are always fresh and delicious. They have become a staple in our family meals.

I've been searching for authentic tortillas and finally found them with Tortillas Los Gueros. They taste amazing.